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Searching your Swiss roots?

Put tooltip hereIf your ancestors came from the Italian-speaking region of Ticino and the valleys of south Graubunden, there's a great new resource here. I also strongly recommend the site to researchers of any ethnicity who wish to understand the lives of our ancestors. While the locations and language may change, the realities of a hard life and the desire for a better life are universal.

Ticino is the red-highlighted area in the map above right, while Graubunden is the dark green area immediately adjacent on the right.

Swiss-Italian Migrations is a richly detailed multimedia networking site for this geographic area. It offers a detailed comprehensive view in English and in Italian.

In the 19th-early 20th centuries, tens of thousands of people emigrated to other countries from the region. They established new lives in Australia, the US, in South America and in other European countries.

Put tooltip hereThe article - with videos, slideshows, songs and many links for additional information - explain historical reasons behind the migration. There are interviews with experts on migration and genealogy, while background information, interviews and videos provide an intimate look at southern Switzerland then and now, as well as the descendants of those immigrants.
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