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A look back at this summer

Geneabloggers collect Jamboree ribbons!

Now that I'm back to my normal routine, I'm trying to review the great experiences from this summer.

Great times included four conferences in California, Washington State and Texas; visiting dear friends and family members; and meeting several relatives for the first time as we shared family history.

At all the conferences, I helped explain what we do at MyHeritage.com and how our tools and features make it easy for families to connect and communicate no matter where they live.

My suitcase now includes several new T-shirts from this year's events and some for 2011 events.

Here are some highlights:

Jamboree 2010

Some 50 geneabloggers attended the Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree this year.

Some spoke on various topics, some participated in blogging panels, others just enjoyed the conference and meeting their readers. Continue reading "A look back at this summer" »

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Jamboree 2010: Exciting!

Exhilarating, exciting and stimulating are the most descriptive terms for Jamboree 2010 - the 41st annual Southern California Genealogical Society's conference.

Jamboree 2010 Geneabloggers

Some of the 50 attending geneabloggers at Jamboree 2010

This is the fourth time I've attended this conference - the largest regional genealogy conference in the US - and each year it gets better and better. The planning committee, led by Paula Hinkel and Leo Myers, does a really excellent job.

The networking has been non-stop with some 50 geneabloggers Facebooking and Tweeting about the great speakers and programs.

Daniel Horowitz, our MyHeritage genealogy and translation manager, presented several very well-received programs on various aspects of our features - one session had more than 100 attendees, while another was standing-room-only.

I participated on the advanced bloggers' panel and also provided a session on creating a DNA project (how to set goals, objectives, letting people know about it, persuading them to participate, etc.).

Jamboree 2010's advanced bloggers panel

From left: Thomas MacEntee, Craig Manson, Schelly Talalay Dardashti, Lisa Louise Cooke, Kathryn Doyle.

Between attending presentations, networking with my colleagues and assisting at the busy MyHeritage booth, it has been a very busy conference. We've been giving out orange family tree hugger ribbons and chocolate kisses - "hugs and kisses." It's great to see so many people with the orange labels on their conference badges.

Many visitors have been dropping by. On Saturday, Chris Haley, nephew of Alex Haley, author of "Roots" came by and spent some time with us.

I have notes on many sessions and will be organizing and posting them over the next few days.

We're already looking forward to next year's edition!

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Welcome to our new look!

The MyHeritage blogs have a new look as of today.

You can subscribe to RSS or aggregators or via email.

On the top right, click the RSS logo and see the options. If you choose email, just follow the directions. You'll receive an email for confirmation; click on that and each time a new post is made to the MyHeritage Genealogy Blog, you'll be notified.

Let us know how you like the new look, or even if you don't! I look forward to reading your comments.

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Problem Solving: Genealogy Blogs

When you have a genealogy problem, who are you going to call?


Ghostbusters won't help you with genealogy questions - unless they can make contact with your own long-departed ancestors who can answer your questions.

But there are experts out there who will help you solve your family history problem.

There are millions of genealogy blogs in cyberspace. A Google blog search query for "genealogy," showed 1,545,813. Many focus on the author's own research on his or her family. Some focus on a specific state, region, country or type of resource (ethnic, religious, photography, cemeteries, etc.).

How do you find a blog covering the topics in which you are interested?Geneabloggers

The newest list of genealogy blogs is found at Geneabloggers.com, with some 600 blogs listed and growing. Major gen blogger Thomas MacEntee decided that there should be a place for all gen blogs and created the site. His blogs are categorized by subject, topic, specific locality or country.

One of the best is Chris Dunham's Blog Finder which categorizes a long list of some 1,400 blogs. They are categorized under personal research, locality specific, technology, single surname, documentary, photography, cemeteries, international, conferences, Jewish, Polish, French Canadian/Acadian, preservation, famous folks, genetic genealogy, podcasts, libraries, associations and societies, African-American, queries, professional genealogists, obituaries, communities, humor, Vlogs and corporate.Blogfinder

For example, there are 174 international blogs, focusing on Canada, Germany, Ireland, Latin America, France, England, Scotland, Sweden, Australia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, South Africa, Croatia, Mexico, Italy, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Hungary, Caribbean islands and other countries.
Continue reading "Problem Solving: Genealogy Blogs" »

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