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Links We Like: Edition 2

Links We Like is a periodic feature of the MyHeritage Genealogy Blog. It offers information on new databases, websites, news sources and more, which may help advance your research.

This week's edition spotlights information on an African-American magazine archive, Hawaii resources, a university digitization project, a resource for new genealogy blogs and a new search engine.

  • Ebony Magazine Archive

The foremost magazine for the African-American community – Ebony – has placed its 65-year archive on line for free browsing.

Over the years, it has covered music and culture, entertainment, style, lifestyle, wellness, politics, history and much more. Each issue is just as it appeared at publication and offers a fascinating view of this community over the years.

  • Yale University Digital Images

Yale University now offers free online access to digital images of millions of objects housed in the university's museums, archives and libraries.

More than 250,000 images are now available through a newly developed collective catalog.

A quick search revealed that a search for "family history" produced 14,400 results, and 543 for "genealogy." One could search for surnames and places of interest as well.

The goal of the new policy is to make high quality digital images of Yale's vast cultural heritage collections in the public domain openly and freely available.

  • Papakilo Database for Hawaii

Does Hawaii figure in your research? If so, try the freely accessible new online library - Papakilo Database - intended to preserve significant cultural and historical Hawaiian information dating to the 1800s. Read more here and search the database.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs partnered with several other entities, including the Bishop Museum and Kumu Pono Associates to meld several databases containing land and government records, genealogy indexes and historic Hawaiian language newspapers into one resource called the Papakilo Database.

Records include probate, voters' register, archaelogical surveys, genealogy indexes, place names, land records, vital records, maps, names, newspapers, periodicals, World War I records and more.

  • Newly-discovered genealogy blogs

Genealogy blogs are an excellent source of information. Some follow individual family histories, some are diary transcriptions, while others focus on photographs. Still more are written by those involved in the genealogy industry, education, events, societies and geographical locations around the world. More than 1,900 genealogy blogs are now at Geneabloggers.com, in more than 115 categories. 

Additionally,  site founder Thomas MacEntee posts a weekly list of newly-discovered genealogy blogs. It’s always worth checking his weekly lists to see what may be relevant to your own research.

Click here to see these weekly lists.

  • Zanran - a new search engine

There's a new search engine out there, focusing on charts and tables. It calls itself Google for data. Results may be PDF format, Excel files, bar charts and other data. Read more about it in this article.

I did a quick search on some common genealogy terms. This is what I found.

-- nearly 47,000 entries alone for TALALAY (a surname of interest)
-- nearly 20,000 for “family history”
-- some 3,000 for “genealogy"
-- 18,000 for “Mogilev, Belarus” (an ancestral town)  

Results included events, scientific papers written by those with surnames of interest and more. Documents included Excel, PDF, tables and more. While the results are varied – and researchers must see what is relevant for them – a gem or two or three may be discovered. I even found a young cousin on a UK debate team list!

Check out these links and see what you can find. Let us know what you have discovered via comments below.

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. Great idea and great resource for us; thanks and I will be checking back.

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