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Leaving on a jet plane – again!

Just like one of the songs from "Barney," one of my children's favorite TV shows, I’m on a plane again, for my second trip to the US this year.

The genealogy conference schedule began very early in February for the 2011 genealogy tour – as I like to call it – at RootsTech, the first technology conference dedicated to genealogy, or perhaps vice versa.  Family Search achieved its goal to bring together genealogy users and the technology developers who produce the wonderful tools we all use to trace, save and share our family memories and data.

The event was unique, and also allowed us to see old friends such as DearMyrtle, Thomas MacEntee, Dick Eastman and Lisa Louise Cooke. It was also an opportunity to make new friends, such as Ami, A.C. and Joan Miller - just to mention a few of the bloggers present.

When all these Geneabloggers get together, the energy they generate is incredible, as they tweet, write and post around the clock, barely eating or sleeping. The mass of content generated and ideas flowing was an amazing thing to see. It took me until just recently to catch up with all the material that came out of this one event.

Additionally, the chance to meet the brains and engines behind the technology needed to bring records online, generate applications for mobile devices, to store and share data, and being able to hear about new ideas and projects being worked on right now, also meant we could share with them what we need now and in the future.

For me, a computer engineer by profession and genealogist by affliction, this was really the best combination I could experience.

Later in February, London was the destination where we are continuing and improving on some new traditions, such as appearing at the Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE event and the Singer family meeting.  This year MyHeritage had a greater presence, with three of us lecturing (Schelly Talalay Dardashti, Laurence Harris and myself).

The MyHeritage display was large and better, and many visitors were able to experience our new features and releases, such as the Memory Game cards (real and virtual), and a 100-second video demonstrating all the great things users can accomplish with our technology.

Schelly and I also did a double lecture for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.  

On a personal note - and just like last year - my Singer family met again. This time there were 12 people, siblings, sons, cousins al enjoying dinner and animated conversations about each other’s activities and about the people who couldn’t attend the reunion. I’m hoping this family event will become a permanent activity on my February calendar.

I was just in Columbus, Ohio, where MyHeritage was exhibiting, and I am now at the New England conference in Springfield, Massachusetts.  After a short vacation to gather some energy, it's on to the National Genealogical Society in Charleston, SC.

And, as I travel to these conferences, I’m also taking every opportunity to meet new genealogy friends and lecture in such places as Dayton, Cleveland, Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey and a few more East Coast locations.

If you are near any of the places where I will be speaking, please come by to say hello ! And if your group would like me to visit, it’s not too late to contact me. For a detailed schedule of scheduled dates and locations, see http://www.searchingformyroots.com

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  1. im froom bunewitz
  2. While Google searched a Rootstech exhibitor I need to buy from, I was delighted to find MyHeritage.com and add to my Favorites. I enjoyed Daniel's post and Schelly's 20 Feb review of the conference, which I attended. Thank you!
    (Still looking for the nice gentleman and his product.)

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