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ResearchBuzz: A resource for resources

Genealogists love resources. Even better, are resources that list even more resources!

One such site is ResearchBuzz.com, established in1998. It covers the world of search engines, databases and other online information collections.

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Tara Calishain is, in her own words, "crazy about search engines and Internet searching for years." She writes and edits nearly daily updates on search engines, new data managing software, browser technology, large compendiums of information, Web directories whatever.

The bottom line for this site is whether a reference librarian would find it useful. Yes? Then Tara will write about it. She really makes an effort to build tools relevant to researchers and make them available on the site.

She's authored several books: Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research (1996,1968); Information Trapping (2006); Web Search Garage (2004), etc.

Among her most recent posts:

Thousands of Vintage Ads

Hats 1900Want to see more about the times your ancestors experienced? What they wore (like these great hats from the Paris 1900 Exposition Universalle)?

In the clothing and fashion category (from 1790-1900), find early text ads, drawings of items from the 1870s forward, fabrics, shoes, women's wear, custom shirts, wet weather footwear and sales, mens' clothing, cosmetics, hats, bathing suits, and much more - all organized by decade of publication.

There's a similar range for furniture.

Under transportation, see huge bicycles of the 1860s and the grand opening of an arena especially for bicycle riders! Bikes, motorcycles, trains, steam ships, early cars, cruises and trucks feature in some elegant advertisements.

Check out the food: bakeries, butchers, soups, kitchen appliances, chocolate, ketchup, cereal and other products, such as cleansers and maple syrup.

The ads come from various sources such as the Library of Congress, university collections, Flickr, and other sites.

Database of Monologues and Scenes from Films, which focuses on Actorama.com, a database for monologues and scenes from films.

North Carolina Launches Digitized Newspaper Collection

Another recent site featured on ResearchBuzz was a newspaper digitization project, completed in 2009, at the North Carolina State Archives. Prior to this project, only microfilm was available.

The papers range from 1751-1890s and include more than 23,000 keyword searchable digital images for Edenton (1787-1801), Fayetteville (1798-1795), Hillsboro (1786), New Bern (1751-1804), Salisbury (1799-1898) and Wilmington (1765-1816).

Goby Wants to Tell You Where To Go

North Carolina Launches Digitized Newspaper Collection

In 2009, the North Carolina State Archives completed a project to digitize newspapers from its collection that were, up until that time, only available on microfilm. These materials include papers dating from 1751-1890s from cities like Edenton (1787-1801), Fayetteville (1798-1795), Hillsboro (1786), New Bern (1751-1804), Salisbury (1799-1898), and Wilmington (1765-1816) - a total of 23,483 digital images that are keyword searchable.

This one is also worth a look: Huge Online Database of Blueprints

Take a look at ResearchBuzz and see how it can help you understand your ancestors just a little better.

Let me know if you've found information in new sites that you've discovered. New resources help many people, so share what you've discovered.

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