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Family Statistics: A great new feature

Age DistributionFamily tree charts are very useful for an overall view of our ancestors, while descendant chart printouts help us understand, in a linear format, how the generations of our family relate to each other.

Now there's an entertaining way, via MyHeritage.com's new free tool, to learn family statistics contained in your data.

Called "Family Statistics," the new tool will help researchers access and understand 45 sets of statistics gathered from the information in their trees. It will also help identify data entry errors so they can be fixed.

The stats are organized into six Family Zones: names, places, ages, births, marriages and divorces.

Colorful charts indicate the age bracket distribution across your tree, as well as oldest and youngest family members. Learn who lived the longest, who married the youngest, who married the latest, which couple had the most children and many more details, such as the most common birth month of your relatives.

Life ExpectancyFamily Statistics is completely free and easily accessed from the MyHeritage welcome page or from the Reports tab of members' Family Tree sites. If you've just joined MyHeritage, but have not yet uploaded a Gedcom or entered family tree date, you won't see the Reports tab. That should encourage you to add more data s soon as possible!

How can Family Statistics help you in other ways?

Get the most out of this interesting new tool by adding more data to your tree.

The new tool provides a quick way to demonstrate family facts and figures. The answers to family questions are now accessible quickly and easily.

Learn more about the individuals in your family in relation to your entire tree. Gather more insight into your families as you grow your tree. Keep updating and adding more data to your tree and make those charts in Family Stats even more interesting.

If you see some strange results, such as siblings born 200 years apart, it will be clear that there's an error in the recorded information. Now that you know the problem exists, you can correct it quickly.

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  1. It is good to think that Family statistics are being produced in an innovative way. These records are very much essential to us not only that we can find our root but also we have some emotional bondage with these genealogy sites. Thanks a lot for your kind attachment in respect of thinking in deep and to revive them in an eloquent way.
  2. I just wanted to say what a wonderful blog you have! I came upon it quite by accident but I'll be back!

    Thank you for all your good work.
  3. This is definitely a good attempt and in these ways we can solve the confusion and can find the way what we need. Thanks a lot for your kind endeavor.
  4. There are so many ways to display relevant information, and these Family Statistics enable us to view information from our trees in an easy way. I'm glad you like the new features!
  5. Reunion Tip.I like to display the chilrden of a couple in list view instead of button view. But the only things on the list were name, age, gender birth and death dates, and status. Then I saw three icons at the bottom left of the page were. While playing around with them I discovered that the first one (yellow colored, looks like a grid), brings up a dialogue display. On this display you can check what you want on the parent's list and on the chilrden's list. I now have name, age, birth date, birth place, death date, death place, gender and status visible on the chilrden's. This is great.

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