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Problem Solving: Genealogy Blogs

When you have a genealogy problem, who are you going to call?


Ghostbusters won't help you with genealogy questions - unless they can make contact with your own long-departed ancestors who can answer your questions.

But there are experts out there who will help you solve your family history problem.

There are millions of genealogy blogs in cyberspace. A Google blog search query for "genealogy," showed 1,545,813. Many focus on the author's own research on his or her family. Some focus on a specific state, region, country or type of resource (ethnic, religious, photography, cemeteries, etc.).

How do you find a blog covering the topics in which you are interested?Geneabloggers

The newest list of genealogy blogs is found at Geneabloggers.com, with some 600 blogs listed and growing. Major gen blogger Thomas MacEntee decided that there should be a place for all gen blogs and created the site. His blogs are categorized by subject, topic, specific locality or country.

One of the best is Chris Dunham's Blog Finder which categorizes a long list of some 1,400 blogs. They are categorized under personal research, locality specific, technology, single surname, documentary, photography, cemeteries, international, conferences, Jewish, Polish, French Canadian/Acadian, preservation, famous folks, genetic genealogy, podcasts, libraries, associations and societies, African-American, queries, professional genealogists, obituaries, communities, humor, Vlogs and corporate.Blogfinder

For example, there are 174 international blogs, focusing on Canada, Germany, Ireland, Latin America, France, England, Scotland, Sweden, Australia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, South Africa, Croatia, Mexico, Italy, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Hungary, Caribbean islands and other countries.

There are 23 blogs devoted to genetic genealogy (DNA), the most recent tool used by an increasing number of genealogists and family historians. Some are general, while others refer to a single surname or country-specific projects.

There are a host of associations and society blogs - 76 of them - covering various specialties (region, county, state or family). No matter what you are looking for, you may find it here.

Want a good chuckle? Try the 11 humor blogs listed, although some haven't seen recent activity. Chris Dunham's very own and frequently updated Genealogue is always good for something to laugh about.

Are obituaries your thing? There are 13 obit blogs listed, so check them out.

One category I found interesting was preservation blogs - with a dozen entries. Subjects cover creativity, digital tools, writing your family history, digitization, how-to guides, tips and advice, video help and more. These experts delight in assisting others.

There are even 35 library blogs in the list, covering local public libraries, state or county genealogy libraries, genealogy librarian news - some are from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

CyndislistCyndi's List also has a blog collection here. Find what you are looking for among the categories of general resource sites, locality specific, military, personal research and others. Elsewhere on Cyndi's site, find related categories for internet genealogy, newsgroups, podcasts, search engines and more.

What are your favorite blogs? Let us know.

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