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MyHeritage: Family Tree Builder 4

One of the great things about genealogy blogging is that we have so many talented colleagues who focus on different aspects of our passion for family history. Some of us concentrate on history, on family stories, on photographs.

Some of my colleagues are in the techno wiz category. Their special talents include careful analysis and step-by-step guides to walk the rest of us through new resources. Their expertise and insight help everyone.

MyHeritage.com recently released Family Tree Builder 4.0 with a host of exciting and easy new features designed to make connecting, re-connecting and communicating with our families and preserving our family histories easier and more fun. And, with so many languages supported, we can easily connect with family around the world, whether they are in the US, Italy, Israel or Russia.

The download on this new version is free and easy. View a video presentation of the new features here and also read an article on the company blog.

The exciting major innovations include a great map feature, to illustrate where your family came from or their lives today; photo albums, to organize media files for the whole family; slideshow and screen saver to showcase photo collections; and the family toolbar, to access family chat and get direct access to your family sites at MyHeritage.com

I am not a techie and I know that there are many family historians and genealogists just like me. This means we rely on colleagues to help us through much of today's innovation. One of the best people I know in this talented group is my blogging buddy, Randy Seaver, who writes the Genea-Musings genealogy blog.

Randy has written a series of posts offering a careful analysis of our new Family Tree Builder 4.0 release. He has already covered GEDCOM upload, navigation, data entry, sources, maps, reports, charts and photos, indicating more will be added. Along with the explanations, he includes great screen shots of each step.

The titles of his current posts on Family Tree Builder 4.0 are:

- Post 1: A First Look covered the GEDCOM upload into the program

- Post 2: Getting Started discussed navigating around the program

- Post 3: Person Information demonstrated the different information available for a Person in the family tree

- Post 4: Family Information demonstrated the different information available for a Family in the family tree

- Post 5: Adding Unrelated Persons showed how to add an unrelated person, and his spouse, to the database

- Post 6: Mapping Features introduced the general mapping features of the program (requires Internet access)

- Post 7: Advanced Mapping Features showed the advanced mapping features (requires a MyHeritage Premium account if there are more than 50 locations)

- Post 8: Ancestor Charts demonstrated all of the options available in making charts, and showed an Ancestor Chart.

- Post 9: All Charts showed examples of all of the available charts, and some of the problems encountered.

- Post 10: - Adding Photos showed examples of adding photos to the database and associating them with persons in the database.

-Post 11: Working with Photos showed some ways to work with the photos added in the previous post.

Randy's step-by-step approach makes it look so easy - and MyHeritage.com's Family Tree Builder 4.0 really is that easy!

Why don't you download Family Tree Builder 4.0 and join the fun?

If you have questions or comments about the new release, let me know and we'll get the answers for you.

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  1. Hi How do you add another parent to someone who was adopted? Don't know what to do and tried making a seperate tree and when i did that it changed the main home page.

  2. How to disable the "unknown" as an alternative first name in reports, etc..?

  3. How far back are you able to trace your family using this Family TreeBuilder?

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