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Picture That: New photo features launched

Imagine attending a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation or a family reunion. Take photos with a mobile device - even a video of the bride and groom cutting the cake - and send it directly to your family site for other family members to see.

You can do this now, as one of the recently launched MyHeritage photo features that make it even easier to store, share and present digital photos online.

Some of the elements are the ability to upload photos from mobile devices, create slideshows from those images and tag them more quickly. The goal is to make the most of your family photos.

To really get your family members connecting and sharing photos, videos and other information, each member of your family site will receive unique email address and a PIN code. Any photo, video or document sent by your family site members via any mobile device will be published there.

The special email addresses prevent strangers from posting content to your family website, and helps MyHeritage identify who sent what item.

Just save the unique address in your mobile device and your email contact list. Members can also email photos and videos from web or email to the family site.

The innovations make your family site a safe place to store family images and documents and make them accessible to members.

It isn't only images, either. Imagine researching at an archive and finding documents, or in a library and finding family information in a rare out-of-print book, or an old family photograph - just take a photo of the document, page or photo and upload it to your site.

One way to view a large collection of photographs is via full-screen animated slideshows in various formats.

MyHeritage's CEO Gilad Japhet just created a "Ken Burns" style slideshow of his own family photographs. See it here:

Here's another way to present a slideshow, the album format using Barack Obama photos and even videos. See this presentation.

Other effects are also available, such as a traditional slideshow and others (3D walls, photo stack, etc.):

- 3D walls display photos on a virtual wall.

- Photo stack is like flipping through a box full of Polaroids on a table:

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter page? You can also share it there, but the links will only work if the recipient is a family site member or your album is public.

You can also share a slideshow via email. Hit the SHARE button, copy and paste the URL into an email and send it. To share a slideshow, click the "share" button, copy URL, paste into an email and send.

Take a look at this interesting example with 100 photos and note how fast it loads - try the various formats available (top left): garden designs.

In September, MyHeritage also added photo tagging, so users could add names to the people in photos. Now the process is automated. When you have identified all family members at least once, you can turn on automatic tagging and people in new photos will generally be tagged. There's also a face cloud showing the most tagged people in your photo collection.

The interface has been improved and redesigned. Tagging is faster, and the sidebar has more information. Even with large photo collections, the features work reliably.

For more detailed explanations and more click-on examples, see three blog posts at the MyHeritage company blog: here, here and here.

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