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New Family Tree Builder 3 offers more features

It is now easier than ever for the more than 27 million worldwide MyHeritage members to discover, connect and communicate with their extended family network and research their family history.

We have just released the new Family Tree Builder 3.0 - available as a free download - with improved standard and premium features. Members can download the software, work online or offline at their convenience, and later upload information to their family pages at the website.

FTB 3.0 languages include Afrikaans, Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, EnglishUS/UK, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Yiddish.

While there are standard free features and the basic family website is free, there are also exciting premium features accessible through two fee plans based on numbers of individuals and online storage. One plan offers a special discounted price of less than $24 for the year for full functionality of all the premium features. Sign up through January 15 to take advantage of this plan, which covers up to 2,500 people in one online tree with 500MB of online storage.


Improved multilingual support: MyHeritage is multilingual in 34 languages for display and data entry; members can enter data in two languages at one time. Data can be displayed in one language (e.g. English) and also entered in two other languages (e.g. Spanish and Russian) at the same time. This can be a useful tool to involve younger generations in family history - they might not be as fluent in the main research language. The ability to share information in many languages enables improved family connectivity around the world, encouraging sharing and collaboration on family history projects by relatives in different countries.

Geographical Mapping: FTB 3.0 creates a list of relevant geographical place names for each tree. This feature remembers previously entered place names so users do not have to re-enter the same locations. For a better world view of where your family lived long ago and where relatives live today, go to the place name list, click on a location and go to its Google Map. In the new release, the feature is better integrated with the website to help members share and collaborate with family around the world.

Improved Publisher: FTB 3.0 has been improved so that members can now work on other tasks while the publisher works in the background. This can be a major time-saver for those publishing large family trees to the MyHeritage site.

Export/Import GedCom: GedCom (Genealogical Data Communication) is a standard format for transferring genealogical information from one program to another. Members do not have to re-enter all their data if they can export or import a Gedcom of their family tree, saving time and energy.


SmartMatch Merge compares your tree with all the trees in the MyHeritage database. This is open to everybody. This premium feature provides the ability to merge with one click - when you compare your tree and one with a match. The program checks not only the individual in question but his or her close family members (parents, children, siblings, spouses, etc.). Privacy settings are respected for living people, hiding information about people who do not match.

SmartResearch compares more than 110 (and growing) of the most important genealogical databases. Members can search for matches for only one individual or for all people on a single tree at one time. For subscription websites, SmartResearch will reveal results provided on a free search of that site (e.g. an index).

All-in-one tree presents, for one individual, everyone related to that person by blood or marriage. It provides a complete view - the big picture - of your family tree.

Video, Audio & Document Publishing allows members to upload videos, audio clips and documents to their family page at MyHeritage so the entire family can relive those great moments and learn about family history.

Priority Support

*The free basic plan is for an online tree with up to 500 people with up to 100MB online storage.

The Premium Plan is discounted through January 15, 2009: $1.95 per month (regularly $3.95 per month). Online tree of up to 2,500 people with up to 500MB storage. Includes accessibility to Smart Match Merge, Smart Research, All-in-One Chart, Publishing Videos and Documents, and Priority Support.

The PremiumPlus Plan offers an unlimited family tree and unlimited online storage and full functionality of premium features, for $9.95 per month.

For more details, click here to read the complete press release.

Do let me know if you've tried out the new release and your comments on the new features. I always look forward to hearing from readers.

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  1. First of all, let me congratulate you for this relase (and tell you that because of this I made the site the home of my family research). FTB and myheritage together are the most formidable pair I found so far, and I'm just looking forward for more people to start using it so I can profit of that ;)

    The features that I like the most is the SmartMatch merge, which I already have use to add members to my tree as well as too update other's members information.

    But in order to keep improving the system, I do have a wish list that hope will be quickly addressed:

    On the site, the main features missing is the ability of changing/adding information online by other site members.
    Also, a chronological change log would be very helpful for all site members (specifically, a link that each site member could click to see a list of changes since he last logged in or a particular date)

    The program does the work nicely, has a lot of research & match features, but lacks some basic functions that other genealogical programs has. Out of them, the ones that I used to find more valuable are:
    - ability to merge to individuals that are repeated (and if possible, the ability for the program to find them)
    - possibility to change the capitalization of names and surnames (ALL CAPS, Proper Caps, lower caps, etc)
    - Possibility to detach a person from parents/spouse/children
    - A date calculator
    - A search & replace utility
    - a simple project's task list

    Keep the well work... and the masses will come!

  2. I am slightly confused please can you clarify. Are the PREMIUM FEATURES; available in the local offline application without the payment of a fee?
  3. Looking forward to giving this a full test-drive... already the Smart Merge feature has come in handy.

    One suggestion - any chance of allowing people to enter alternative versions of names? For example, with my Irish ancestry, people have two sets of names, Irish and English, which are used concurrently, particularly from the 1300s on to the 1700s. I imagine this might be an issue with others who have ancestors who emigrated and had different names in different countries.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work,

  5. I am Chief Crazyhorses youngest Daughter, and Peregrine and Resovled are my cousins in this gereration would like more information on our family I know that this family is of mayflower Society and so I would like too know, more about my family history
  6. This site claims "*The free basic plan is for an online tree with up to 500 people with up to 100MB online storage."; however, my free program has only ever allowed me to publish 245 names.
  7. It's raining awards!

    2009 is a good year for us, or at least for our Family Tree Builder! We got an email the other day from onegreatfamily that we've been selected by them to receive the "One Great Genealogy Site" award for the...
  8. Good Afternoon!!! www.myheritage.com is one of the most outstanding resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. All the best.

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