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Google your way to family history

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Do you know how to use Google to search for your family? Do you really know how to use all Google features to do this?

A new book, "Google Your Family Tree: Unlock the Hidden Power of Google," by genealogy and technology expert Dan Lynch, will help you do just that.

The book is a comprehensive, expertly written manual of all things Google. Although written for genealogists, it covers researching for everyone about everything.

The clear step-by-step instructions help users learn how to use both the well-known and lesser-known Google tools. There are additional tips for genealogists.

I was surprised by what I didn't know! And judging from comments by other family historians and genealogists, I'm not alone. Even expert researchers are saying they've been learning new techniques also.

There are many variations in constructing a good Google search, and the author presents what could be somewhat confusing material into easily understood concepts by everyone, no matter their skill level.

He encourages readers to try things out as they go through the 352-page book. The wide page margins are great for making notes and there are worksheets for what he has planned as an interactive workbook.

What's most important, I think, is that it isn't only for genealogists and family history fans, but offers essential information for Internet researchers of all topics.

Each example uses Dan's own ancestor and related details to illustrate the results obtained. Using one person and one family's details means readers can more easily follow the techniques of creating good searches.

He's also asking readers to submit new tips and techniques not covered in the book, and he intends to create a blog that will update readers on new or improved Google features.

The book comes with two separate cards offering a quick reference guide to basic and advanced searching. This makes it easy to take along or use at home.

Most features I had known about and had used in simple searches (I learned a lot more!), while other tools were new to me, but explained concisely. Google Alerts is one feature I've used for some time. It helps me know what is happening in the international genealogy world almost as it happens.

This is an efficiently organized, easily understood volume that should be of great value to anyone - not only genealogists - who needs to find anything on the internet.

For more information, click Google Your Family Tree.

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  1. I have found a tremendous amount of genealogy information from Google Books. See my blog about Google Books and Genealogy. The blog is about how to structure some queries using the Google Books search engine and some of what I found. I believe this book covers Google Books, but in a lot more detail than my blog post.
  2. Congratulations!This list is also a major honor for the gen binlggog community and our interaction, collaboration and sharing of information with our readers and with each other.

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