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Names: Ethnic naming patterns

If you are searching for names from particular ethnic, religious, cultural and social communities, do some investigative reading. The clues in articles and on websites may provide more information for your quest.

Here are some quick tips for various groups. There are many other useful sites to be found with some patient Internet searching.

Readers are invited to let us know about other useful sites. I look forward to reading your comments and questions.

Excellent article on the permutations, categories and much more.

Good article on given name patterns and surnames.

Unusual patterns, farms, homesteads, patronymics and matronymics.

Detailed name categories: occupations, locations, physical characteristics, saints, objects, regional diminutive, suffixes.

Interesting site detailing ancient names and meanings, and naming patterns for children.

JEWISHGEN, for many resources on Jewish names.
Check the numerous InfoFiles, Family Finder and other resources.

A good explanation of confusing naming patterns concerning the usage order of paternal and maternal family names, given names and more.

ncludes first names, farm names, Sami ethnic minority, immigrants and more sources.

A good compilation ofPolish naming customs including German, Jewish and Ukrainian.

Traditions and information on Norway, Denmark and Finland, with more resources.

Early naming practices, such as patronymic, clergy, nobility, crafts, emigrants and more.

Vietnamese naming practices.

For a host of other interesting articles, click here :

ASIA (Mongolia, India)
BYZANTIUM (Roman Empire)
EASTERN EUROPE (Croatian, Czech, Hungarian)
ENGLAND (many articles)
FRANCE (Paris, Breton, Brittany, Occupations, Given Names)
GERMANY (many),
ISLAM/MIDDLE EAST (place names in Spain and Portugal, Jewish, Andalucia)
IRELAND (several)
ITALY (Pisa, Renaissance, Jewish Rome, Jewish Milan)
LOW COUNTRIES (Flemish, Frisian, women)
SCANDINAVIA (language, Finland, ancient)
SCOTLAND (several)
SPAIN/IBERIA (Andalusia, Catalan, Valencia, 15th-16th century, Portugese, Moorish place names)
WALES (10th, 13th, 16th centuries, women, Cornish).

Search for your ancestors:

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